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Croatian and Italian migrants using winemaking techniques from their respective homelands has helped shape the way the Swan Valley is today, and with the wine region being over 180 years old, this makes it the oldest wine growing region in the state.

Known for its Chenin Blanc, Verdelho, Shiraz and Petit Verdot the Swan Valley due to its climatic conditions also make a liqueur Verdelho and liqueur Shiraz rarely seen outside of W.A.

If you want to travel in style why not take a Boat Cruise up the Swan River to the Swan Valley. This would have to be one of the great ways to really relax and add a sense of occasion.

Another way to see the region is the 32km looped Food and Wine Trail that takes you past over 40 wineries, boutique breweries, and restaurant/cafes.

By the way did I tell you it is only 25 minutes east of Perth?

Go on get going!

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