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Connor Park

This is difficult because at Connor Park they make really good red wines from some of the oldest Shiraz vines in the region that are smooth and rich, like the Honour and Connor Park Shiraz, the Robbies blend and even their base model Shiraz that represented great value.

The cellar door has no great views and is in the front room and main entrance of the owners home, even though designed specifically for the purpose of tasting their wines. For a cellar door I always have a problem with this, as I always feel like a bit of an intruder entering someone else’s personal space. I am a believer that if you have a cellar door you need it to be separate.

Visiting a winery needs to be an all-round experience, otherwise you may as well just get your wine from the local bottle shop. Would I recommend searching out Connor Park wines at the bottle shops? Absolutely! Would I recommend a visit to their cellar door probably not.

Open hours

Day of Week Cellar Door
Monday 11am – 5pm
Tuesday 11am – 5pm
Wednesday 11am – 5pm
Thursday 11am – 5pm
Friday 11am – 5pm
Saturday 11am – 5pm
Sunday 11am – 5pm

Our Picks: Honour Shiraz, Connor Park Shiraz, Robbies blend

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Connor Park

59 Connor Rd, Leichardt VIC


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